Why am I doing this?

One may ask, “Why are you creating a physical theater company?”

Well, the biggest answer is that I’ve always wanted to.

I’ve been thinking about this project for three years. I’ve come across so many things that inspire me and I’ve wondered, “Could I do that?”

I’ve been in a little theater since moving to the Bay Area, but nothing like what I want to create with my company. I have so many ideas…

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Inspiration: Bill Irwin

I actually just got to meet this guy last night after seeing his show OLD HATS for the second time with my housemates at the American Conservatory Theater. It was even better the second time. Bill was sooooo nice.

After the show I rushed to the stage door and waited. There were some other people waiting. I asked them if they were waiting to see Bill. They said they wanted to get his autograph. An…

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Inspiration: World Order


I LOVE YOUTUBE! I found so many things that inspire me.

There’s this one particular Japanese dance group that I absolutely love called WORLD ORDER. They’re usually around 10 Japanese men in business suits that do synchronized dance sequences, incredibly impressively. The group was created by Genki Sudo after his retirement from a career in, surprisingly enough, martial arts. Not only is he an…

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